Episode 56: I Hated That Car

Tony discusses his hatred of his old Chevy Vega. Joe discusses his hatred for Suzanne Vega...


  1. Yeah pal, me either had Vega for like almost 10 years as a gift on entering the college. So I know that pain, the car is a lemon! So, A year ago I've decided that I'm done with it for good and it is the time to find new car, even a used one would be better than that. But after wandering through craigslist and arguing with some johns, I've decided as well to be more suspecting on details and track the cars' history and accident background with the FAXVIN reports https://www.faxvin.com/license-plate-lookup/hawaii You know, there is so many busters and scammers here in Hawaii, where I'm standing for now, so I gave it up and purchased used Ford from an official dealer and happy enough with that sort of thing


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