Friday, September 23, 2022


Ketchup Shortage at WDWORLANDO, FL - Supply chain issues combined with impending tropical storms have forced shortages of America’s Favorite Condiment at entire Walt Disney World Resort. 

Lerin Avergne, spokesperson and head of food and beverage at Disney Parks, told reporters on Sept 22nd that “delivery trucks are not coming” and suppliers are citing a “fledgling tomato crop this fall” causing ketchup manufacturers to favor other geographic areas and even Disney Corporation’s Fortune 100 standing does not give them priority over other fast food and grocery companies who demand Ketchup around the greater Orlando area. 

“I wish we would have known about the shortage and we could have ordered more when our orders were placed for the last delivery” stated Ms. Avergne, who was too busy to comment any further while taking care of her sick husband and 3-month-old infant daughter. 

If you read this far, you should know this is just a parody news article and not a real story. We just wanted to mess with our friend who will be attending WDW with us in a few days and eats ketchup like it’s going out of style.


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Sunday, July 31, 2022

BREAKING! Area Man Takes Selfie with strangers’ newborn! (Birth of a new Era…)

SELGIN, IL - Desperate for some internet attention, area resident Lyle Tavergne posted the following photo on his social media leading up to his wife going into labor early Saturday morning. 

Eyewitnesses say the saw a strange man roaming around the maternity ward of Herman Hospital, in Selgin, asking other expectant couples if their baby had been born yet, and how long they had been in labor. 

The man, later confirmed to be Mr. Tavergne, was then seen holding a baby and smiling, holding up his phone for a “selfie-style” picture while the child looked on in confusion. “I just wanna take picture with a baby before I pass out from the anxiety…”

A spokesperson for the infant’s real parents says they felt bad because the man seemed innocent and fragile, and his wife really was taking a while to rid her womb of his spawn.

- - - - - - 

LOL if you read this far, please know that this is a FAKE STORY I made up to mess with my friends, who were just recently blessed with their first child. If you found this based on a clickbait site or something, please know that I created it to RESEMBLE clickbait intentionally, as it needed to seem authentic and actually ON a website for the joke to make sense. 

I encourage you, while you’re here, to check out the previous episodes of our podcast and look forward to some more NEW content coming soon, including a chat with the subject of this photo and story who's name slightly resembles "Lyle Tavergne"

Friday, August 20, 2021

What a weird feeling…

What a weird feeling… My Facebook account got shut down overnight. It almost feels like someone stole my wallet or kicked me out of the library for no reason. The only proof or clue I have of what’s going on is this warning about a “nude image” but the image is blank.

If you found this webpage, Please reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter, or a new social media site called MeWe 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

FBLIVE 3.14.2021 - BUMP 15th Anniversary Reunion Part One (With Joe Rocha, Dave Benziger, Jay Rocha)

 SHARE YOUR MEMORIES WITH US! Photos or Videos of the band are appreciated, or just send a message about your favorite songs or stories about Joe, Dave and Jay. PART TWO COMING SOON!

EMAIL: PHONE/TXT: 608.728.7763

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Monday, February 15, 2021

FB LIVE 2.14.2021 Tribute to RAL DONNER (With Ral Jr. and Erik Donner)

Celebrating the life of Ral Donner Sr., Celebrated and Renowned recording artist of the early Rock N Roll Era! 

Shared stages with dozens of other well know artist like Dion & the Belmonts, Sam Cooke, Tony Orlando, Jackie Wilson, Etta James and many more... yet somehow was not as revered in his day. 

Despite a lack of blockbuster success, his voice was strong and unmistakable and his left a deep mark on the Pop music scene, and is revered and has influenced countless artists, namely folks like Robert Plant & Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

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A Facebook Live Discussion we had on 2.14.2021 with our friends Ral Jr & Erik Donner, sons of legendary recording artist RAL DONNER, in tribute to what would have been his 78th birthday this past week. Both gentlemen are talented performers in their own right currently performing weekly around the Chicago area.


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