BREAKING! Area Man Takes Selfie with strangers’ newborn! (Birth of a new Era…)

SELGIN, IL - Desperate for some internet attention, area resident Lyle Tavergne posted the following photo on his social media leading up to his wife going into labor early Saturday morning. 

Eyewitnesses say the saw a strange man roaming around the maternity ward of Herman Hospital, in Selgin, asking other expectant couples if their baby had been born yet, and how long they had been in labor. 

The man, later confirmed to be Mr. Tavergne, was then seen holding a baby and smiling, holding up his phone for a “selfie-style” picture while the child looked on in confusion. “I just wanna take picture with a baby before I pass out from the anxiety…”

A spokesperson for the infant’s real parents says they felt bad because the man seemed innocent and fragile, and his wife really was taking a while to rid her womb of his spawn.

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LOL if you read this far, please know that this is a FAKE STORY I made up to mess with my friends, who were just recently blessed with their first child. If you found this based on a clickbait site or something, please know that I created it to RESEMBLE clickbait intentionally, as it needed to seem authentic and actually ON a website for the joke to make sense. 

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