Quantum & Other Zac Dawson stuff (BTP 097 Companion)

Shawn and Joe were joined by our friend Zac Dawson to talk about his musical projects and our favorite music in general - WELCOME to new fans and friends who are joining us for a new era in the BESIDE THE POINT story... BONUS EPISODE with Zac is also available NOW at patreon.com/btppod

Zac Dawson is a musician in the Chicago punk/alternative scene 


QUANTUM is alternative rock/punk funk band formed by singer/songwriter Zac Dawson in 2019. Think of a monster hybrid of Weezer, Sublime Nirvana ,Red Hot Chill Peppers and Beastie Boys. https://quantum56.bandcamp.com/

CHICAGO HANDSHAKE is an alternative rock band from the west suburbs of Chicago. Originals and covers! https://www.facebook.com/chicagohandshake/