Episodes 27 - 29

A new era, a new season, and a new chapter in the BTP story. We are back to recording regularly with Joe and Shawn, with special guests and lots more fun down the road. These episodes offer a lot of talk about pop culture icons like old cartoons, musician bio-pics, and our connection to anything in between. Fully on display is Chicago's place in history in music, movies, and lately in sports with the Chicago Cubs making a run at a World Series championship. We keep saying "this year sucks" because of all the sad losses we've all had, but we truly are glad to bring you this podcast on a weekly basis, and we hope it's as much fun for you as it is for us!! Thanks for listening, and please consider contributing to us (A DOLLAR A MONTH IS ALL IT TAKES) to support our desires to make MORE FUN CONTENT FOR YOU!!! Thanks as always for listening..

Episode 027: I Wanna See the Scooby-Doo Gang's Tax Returns

More talk this week about Luke Cage and how people of color play part in comic books and their media adaptations. Shawn's friend Valerie joins us after the break for a talk about the new Magnificent 7 film, haggling at the flea market, and whether or not Scooby, Shaggy & Co. filed their taxes properly.

Episode 028: I May Never Watch Cartoons Again

Topics ranging from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Halloween Costumes, and the Chicago Cubs are discussed when Shawn & Joe are joined by Tony and Valerie for our usual format of random discussions.

Episode 29: Toads Losers and Chumps

We start out talking about James Brown, and somehow transition into Beatles, and then pay tribute to our lost peers ​Alex Misurelli & Tim Adkins, who both lost their lives in two separate motorcycle accidents in recent weeks... Once again leading us to wonder what the hell is happening to 2016!

On the lighter side: Joe's MegaBus adventure to St. Louis and a day at an amusement park. Chicago accents, bands people hate, and inventions we don't use any more!!

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