Episode 47: A Tale of Two Diners

On the night before the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, Tony, Joe & Shawn were hanging out at The Loaded Buffalo in Mundelein, IL talking about the general mood our country is in, and delved into a little bit of Shawn's history serving in the Air Force.

Joe talks about the Grilled Cheese Burger he ate.

The recording session was cut short by some weird circumstances, so a few weeks later Shawn and Joe sat down at another eating establishment, JoJo's in Schaumburg, IL to catch up on the conversation. 

We continued with talk about Grammy's and Hall of Fames and how we perceive new music vs. old music.

  • The Sosa-McGwire home run rivalry.
  • Are stem cells a performance enhancing drug?
  • Human DNA in pig embryos. 

Our new friend Charity, manager at Jojo's, sits down for a few minutes and we talk about working at diners and gas stations.

 Public Service Announcement: Stop arguing with your friends on Facebook.

 Go listen to some music like the ambient sounds on ECHOLORADO (Shoutout to Johnny Trash!!