Episode 48: I Know Gun Fu

Joe and Shawn hang out at Official's Time Out at the Poplar Creek Bowling Alley in Hoffman Estates, IL and discuss some movies that have hit theaters recently. The Comedian with Robert DeNiro and John Wick: Chapter 2 starring Keanu Reeves. We didn't see Ch. 2 yet, so we discuss the first John Wick movie from a few years back and how it's creators tie into the Matrix universe (Laurence Fishburne has a cameo in John Wick 2...)

We also talk about how NOT to use Periscope at work...

and share some cool tunes, which are featured on OUR SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS!!! LISTEN NOW!!!!
Most notable is our friend Joe Rocha from the band BUMP, who was featured on Episode 15 of THIS VERY PODCAST!!

Plus a shoutout to our comedian buddies 
Check them out in your town!!