Episode 63: Young People are Brittle, Too!

A discussion about looking forward to the upcoming year devolves quickly into complaining about Elvis' movie career! But he shares a birthday with David Bowie, so we'll give him a pass... haha!

We also discuss a benefit near and dear to us: BREAKING THE SILENCE. It's a charity organisation aimed at proper treatment and education for those suffering from Autism and their families. You can donate at www.care4chicago.org or join us for the event, coming up on Sunday, April 29th, 2018. All the details can be found at vsbts.org

BREAKING THE SILENCE 10: A Benefit for Autism Awareness
BAND SUBMISSIONS OPEN UNTIL FEB 10, 2018  Volunteer Signup and other info coming soon...

Finally, we pay tribute to the 2 years since David Bowie, as well as the recent passings of comedic actor Jerry Van Dyke, known for his work on TV shows like Coach and The Middle, and flautist Ray Thomas, founding member of the rock band Moody Blues.

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