We're BACK! Exciting Things Happening at BTPPOD!!

Thank you for checking out the blog... seriously!!! If you are here that means you clicked on a link someone told you to click on, and THAT is the exact currency that matters on the internet... CLICKS!!

But we like to deal in more than clicks. We like to deal in more TANGIBLE things like heart, brains, courage, Toto, Dorothy, and all those adorable Munchkins! But I digress..

We had a great conversation with our friend Joe Loconsole this week, and his knowledge for cinema and television, especially his love for a specific actor fed perfectly into a tribute to the One and Only Burt Reynolds. We have LOTS of fun conversations and some special guests coming up in the future, so be sure to keep following up with us for an (almost) weekly dose of the most fun you can have with your ears...

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